Broome Makers is the community engagement initiative
of the Broome Growth Plan.

The Broome Growth Plan is part of the State Government’s Regional Centres Development Plan (RCDP), funded by the Royalties for Regions program. The RCDP aims to bring self-sustaining, long-term growth to regional centres like Broome by stimulating business, investment and innovation. These towns have a crucial role as hubs for business, community and essential services, and their growth will bring ongoing benefits and opportunities to the surrounding regional areas.


The Broome Growth Plan is guided by the Broome Growth Plan Partnership (GPP), comprising the Shire of Broome, Kimberley Development Commission, LandCorp, the Department of Planning and the Department of Regional Development. The Broome GPP is responsible for decision making around the project and its objectives.


Crucial to the success of the Broome Growth Plan is the engagement of local businesses and community champions to drive local leadership. Broome Makers is an initiative of the Broome Growth Plan and it aims to bring together the various groups in the local community to build a common vision for the future of the region they can all work towards.


There are so many ways to get involved – have a look to see how you can be part of the Broome Growth Plan!

The Clusters

Broome’s economic Clusters are the living machinery of our community. Each Cluster is a group of economic activities centred on a certain industry, and they’re the key to bringing new growth to the region.


1. Tourism

Sharing the magic of the magnificent Kimberley with visitors from near and far.


2. Arts & Culture

The creative minds who explore the beauty of Broome in story, song and sculpture.


3. Health & Wellbeing

The power of a special place to nourish the body and soul, and the people who make it happen.


4. Education & Training

There is no greater investment than education, and no greater necessity for the growth of our community.


5. Minerals & Energy

The powerhouses of the WA economy have helped shape the Broome community, and they offer incredible potential for its future development.


6. Youth

The future of Broome will ultimately be handed to the next generation, and they’re ready to start shaping it.


7. Food Bowl

Aquaculture, Agriculture and Rangelands are just the beginning of an industry that brings vital wealth to the region.


8. Broome Business

The building blocks of our township and the heart of our community.

For more information about the Broome Growth Plan, download further details here.