Broome Maker Stories: Tehani Savu

Tehani Savu

“There’s really nowhere else like Broome. The lifestyle and the weather are probably the things that bring people here, but there’s so much more that people can’t really know until they get here. We’re the gateway to the Kimberley, so we’re the first glimpse people get of this incredible part of the world.”

Tehani Savu’s love for Broome is more than just hometown pride. As Resort Manager at the Billi Resort, she has a professional interest in the things which make Broome a wonderful place for locals and visitors alike.

It’s a busy job. Tehani’s daily routine involves managing a team of eight staff across housekeeping, reception, gardening and maintenance for the resort’s fifteen guest rooms and stunning tropical grounds. “It can be strange because you’re creating a peaceful, relaxing environment for guests, when behind the scenes the activity never stops,” she says. “The guests are definitely the best part of the job. Broome’s such a unique place for a holiday and I really get to share their experience with them.”

A background in hotels saw Tehani move from Perth to Broome.

“The community here is something I’ve really noticed and appreciated. My family is here and the town has done a lot for us, so I love that I’m contributing something to the town in return. The leadership opportunities really drew me here as well. I wanted to challenge myself with more responsibility and management experience, which can be hard to find as a young person.”

Tehani is also one of the founding members of the Shire of Broome’s Youth Advisory Council. Starting as a group of ten young people (the cut-off is 24 years old), the YAC gives young people a voice in the town’s business and planning decisions.

“Broome offers a lot for young people. At my age, to be at this level in my career is fantastic. Young people in Broome are really given a go; it’s not what’s on our resume, it’s what we can offer. This is the first place I’ve found that sort of opportunity as a young person. We definitely get support and respect from businesses and local industry.”

Young people are the future of the town, and that’s something that inspires Tehani in her role. “This is the first year that the Shire of Broome has had a Youth Advisory Council – that’s huge. They want us to have a voice and we’re all working together, even on decisions like renovations to public buildings or walkways. Big changes will come from that collaboration. I think a lot of businesses are looking to invest in community bases that are going to help bring more long-term jobs to Broome, and the youth market is perfect for that.

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