Broome Makers Stories: Jacky Cheng

Broome Makers Stories: Jacky Cheng

Jacky Cheng, Artist

Jacky Cheng’s passion for art and life is infectious. Talking animatedly about her busy schedule juggling life as a visual art lecturer at the local Tafe and an artist exhibiting her works locally and beyond, Jacky makes the point that constant learning and being amongst the ‘creative juice of people’ is what she finds most rewarding.

Arriving in Broome ten years ago after leaving behind a successful career as a graduate architect in Sydney, Jacky immediately connected to the diversity of the place and its people. “I hope to see Broome maintain its integrity and status as the true melting-pot of Australia,” she says brightly. Jacky pauses and then adds with a note of seriousness,

“There is no-where like Broome.”


Jacky currently lectures across two (out of five) Tafe campuses and loves being able to share her extensive knowledge and skills as a visual artist. This includes filling her car boot with a menagerie of paper, paints, textiles and whatever else she can squeeze in to make the two and a half hour drive to Derby to teach evening classes. Alongside her teaching, Jacky spends most of her spare time in a home studio exploring the many possibilities of paper-inspired creations. Jacky notes, “I’ve never worked harder then I have in Broome. But it keeps my brain buzzing and when I return home I am able to sit at my art table and indulge in play-time.”

Paper is simply the latest medium Jacky is choosing to focus on – she has extensive experience using other types of mixed-media too, including paints, textiles, drawing, collage and encaustic. Upon being asked why she is currently drawn to using paper, Jacky reveals how deeply she feels the connection between her work and the world around her. “Paper is the most basic element and highlights the many possibilities of what it could become. It has a long history in humankind and there is so much glory in what it can do.”

Her vision for Broome’s future is bright and optimistic. Jacky credits this to the fact that,

“What makes Broome different is the people that live here are the main drivers of innovation and business – they plant the seed and then infect the whole town with amazing ventures.”


And how does Jacky see herself contributing to Broome’s future? Later this year she will be exhibiting for the first time in New York and for Jacky this opportunity means much more than money or fame. She explains, “It means I am contributing to the town and putting Broome on the map. I want to use my art to show a wider audience out there all that Broome has to offer.”